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Mobile Science Lab visits Pitt Football's Tailgate

  The Pitt Mobile Science Lab made another stop at the Pittsburgh Pather's football tailgating event Thursday night where they showcased a hands-on program using hydractinia for kids and adults alike!  Visitors were able to analyze the lifecycle of hydractinia, see how they react when you touch them with an eyelash, and feed the hydractinia to see how their tentacles grab their food and bring them back to eat them.

  The hydracinia program, or Exploring Animal Diversity, is based off of Dr. Matthew Nicotra's allorejection research at the University of Pittsburgh.  Dr. Nicotra uses hydractinia to understand the mechnisms for acceptance and rejection of organ transplants.  Similar to our bodies' reaction to receiving a new organ, hydractinia may reject another for colonization if it doesn't recognize the other as one of its own and fight back.

  There are two more Pitt football tailgates left, November 19th and November 26th, and the Mobile Science Lab will  be launching two new programs!  Stop by to see what the Mobile Science Lab is working up and discover more of the science research being conducted at the University of Pittsburgh!

Pitt Science Outreach at the Maggie Dixon Heart Fair!

Pitt Science Outreach attended the Maggie Dixon Heart Health

Fair/Fan Fest on October 25, 2015.  Fans guessed the amount of added sugar in popular snack foods and learned about healthier snack choices.  In addition fans tested their skills at jump rope, agility ladder and the balance board.  Using a pedometer they discovered how many calories they can burn based on the number of steps they take.

PittScienceOutreach and the ADRC Team Up for the Alzheimer's Walk

Pitt Science Outreach and the University of Pittsburgh's Alzheimer's Disease Research Center (ADRC) collaborated to put on a "Brain Fitness Bootcamp" at the 2015 Walk to End Alzheimer's Disease on Saturday, October 24th. The Brain Fitness Bootcamp was developed to increase the awareness about healthy brain aging and how to adolpt lifestyle choices that help fight Alzheimer's disease. Brain games, such as those desgined by Dr. Kirk Erickson's research laboratory at Pitt, and interactive puzzles were a hit with the 170 participants that visited the Mobile Science Lab at this event. Participants were also able to find out more information and sign up to participate in research studies carried out by the ADRC. Drs. Rena Robinson and Jennifer Lingler and Cleo Rydeski were among the ADRC staff assisting in the Brain Fitness Bootcamp. To learn more, visit

Pitt Students - Join us at Pitt Football Tailgates!

Many kids enjoyed visiting the Pitt Mobile Science Lab at Heinz Field today before the Pitt vs. Virginia football game! Kids of all ages rode bikes, hula hooped, ran the agility ladder and balanced on a balance board to learn more about the Pitt research studies examining the benefits of exercise on muscle function, mobility, cardiovascular function, body weight control and even brain function. Other kids tried their skills at robotics, placing ping pong balls in beakers and cylinders of different sizes, learning about robotics research at the University of Pittsburgh. Join us at each home game this Fall to see other cool science experiments on the Pitt Mobile Science Lab!


“Touch a Truck” at the Fair Oaks Volunteer Fire Department on Saturday, October 3, 2015 was a lively event. The Pitt Mobile Science Lab was one of 30 trucks kids of all ages could explore. With kids running around there was sunshine everywhere despite the cold rainy weather! The science lab featured interactive activities about healthy nutrition and kids got to help build healthy bones for Betsy, “shopping” for a healthy meal and tossing bananas into the monkeys so they could be nourished all day!

The Pitt Mobile Science Lab visits many community events each Fall; see where our next event is on the website calendar! Pitt Students---we always welcome student science mentors!

Pitt Student Activities Fair

Attention Pitt Students! The Pitt Science Outreach Club will be attending this year's Student Activities Fair on Sunday, August 30th, 2015 from 12pm-3pm at the Peterson Events Center. Please stop by to learn more about our club's mission, goals, and activities. We are looking forward to a great year ahead. Hail to Pitt! 

Science Camp Kicks Off!

The Pitt Science Outreach Club is very excited to kick off our 4th annual summer science program this week! This year’s program is entitled “The Down Low on H2O!” Every day at camp we start out with a mini lesson about a topic that has to do with water. Then the youth split up into smaller groups in which they conduct their very own experiments. Over the course of a week, campers will learn about the scientific method, water in the environment, water in the human body, and water in technology! Each group works with a science mentor to go through the steps of the scientific method and conduct an experiment that falls into one of our 3 water science categories. At the end of the week, after they have run their experiments, analyzed their data, and drawn some conclusions, they will present their findings to the entire group using a poster format. Look out for updates and photos of camp on our Summer Science page! 

The Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation

This year the Pitt Science Outreach Club decided to take over planning for our Summer Science Camp Program. As a way to raise money for our program we launched a crowdfunding campaign with the goal of raising $5,000. Our Club President, Amie DiTomasso, decided to concurrently apply for a grant through the Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation and their 50/50 raffle. Our crowdfunding campaign ended in April and we raised exactly $5,412 for our project! This was extremely exciting and certainly a great accomplishment in our first year of leadership for the summer program. A few short weeks after our campaign ended we received notice from the Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation that they were awarding us $5,000 for our project! To say we were ecstatic is 

certainly an understatement! A number of our club members excitedly went to the Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation’s headquarters last week to receive our award. During our visit we mentioned the success of our crowdfunding campaign and were blown away when the Foundation decided to increase their award to match! We are so very grateful to the Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation for supporting our project, our mission, and the youth in our community!

Summer Science Outreach Camp: Inspiring Future Scientists

The Pitt Science Outreach Student Club is proud to announce the launch of their crowdfunding campaign: Summer Science Outreach Camp- inspiring future scientists! We are trying to raise $5,000 for our summer program. Every single dollar donated will help fund the cost of camp including the costs of experimental supplies, transportation, computers, science mentoring, and any other cost associated with the program. Everything helps! Please consider supporting our cause by looking up our crowdfunding campaign at  Thank you!!