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Giving Lectures

The Pitt Science Outreach program offers guidance and materials to all levels of Pitt students who want to personally deliver science presentations to their former school or other community group. There are two ways to participate:

Pitt Undergraduate Classes

The best way of presentation preparation, these three classes Speaking of Science, Translating Science, and Translating Science Independent Study provide hands-on training to ready student presenters for the big stage. These classes help students customize previously designed lectures or design their own. Another perk -- completing each class counts as academic credit! Find these classes on the Pitt course register by visiting, and learn more about them by visiting this link

Individual Coordination with Mentor

The Pitt Science Outreach program would not want an already-packed class schedule to get in the way of outreach-interested Pitt students. Although taking the courses are the advisable way of preparing, it is still possible to deliver an individual science presentation without them. This requires either working one-on-one with the Speaking of/Translating Science instructor or a student who has already taken the courses. If you're unable to take the outreach courses, but still want to give an individual presentation, contact the CTSI Outreach Coordinator at