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Lectures and Lessons

The Pitt Science Outreach Program trains Pitt undergraduate and graduate students to give lectures directly to K-12 students and community groups. Participation can either involve adapting an already-prepared presentation, such as "Brain in the Box" (see below), or creating entirely new presentations based on the presenter's interests.

Brain in the Box

"Brain in the Box" lectures teach K-12 students the basic principles of neuroscience. These lectures were developed at Oregon Health Science University and supported by the Dana Foundation, a nonprofit organization that promotes public understanding of neuroscience.

Personalized Lecture

The Pitt Science Outreach program gives Pitt students the opportunity to reach into science topics that excite them, pull out a particular interest and transform that interest into a well-researched, expertly crafted K-12 or community lecture. In the past, participants have developed a variety of outreach lectures, ranging from the neuroscience of vision to the effects of excercise on the heart.

To learn how to participate, see Giving Lectures