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The Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation

This year the Pitt Science Outreach Club decided to take over planning for our Summer Science Camp Program. As a way to raise money for our program we launched a crowdfunding campaign with the goal of raising $5,000. Our Club President, Amie DiTomasso, decided to concurrently apply for a grant through the Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation and their 50/50 raffle. Our crowdfunding campaign ended in April and we raised exactly $5,412 for our project! This was extremely exciting and certainly a great accomplishment in our first year of leadership for the summer program. A few short weeks after our campaign ended we received notice from the Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation that they were awarding us $5,000 for our project! To say we were ecstatic is 

certainly an understatement! A number of our club members excitedly went to the Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation’s headquarters last week to receive our award. During our visit we mentioned the success of our crowdfunding campaign and were blown away when the Foundation decided to increase their award to match! We are so very grateful to the Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation for supporting our project, our mission, and the youth in our community! We are very excited for summer camp and could not have done this without the support from our community. Thank you to everyone who supported our crowdfunding campaign and thank you to the Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation for supporting our project!