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Volunteers experience everything that Pitt Science Outreach has to offer. They join the Mobile Lab on its journeys across the region, deliver presentations and attend (at their convenience) whatever events interest them.  Having this unique volunteer experience on students' resumes speaks wonders to potential employers and graduate programs, as well as enriches students' lives. As a busy student, finding time for giving back in any way is commendable, but past volunteers have cheerfully noticed that giving back science is something else.

The Forms

To volunteer in certain Pitt Science Outreach programs if you will have a significant likelihood of regular contact with children you must have the: 1) Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare Child Abuse History Clearance; 2) Pennsylvania State Police Criminal Record Check; and 3) FBI Criminal Record Check. Unless you intend to participate no more than once, you will need to fill out and mail in (or electronically submit, in the case of the Criminal Record Check) these forms to volunteer in:

  • The Pitt Mobile Science Lab
  • Community Events  

 You can find links to the forms below:

Once your forms are returned to you, bring a copy of each form to the Outreach Coordinator of the Clinical Translational Science Institute, located on the 7th floor of Forbes Tower (3600 Forbes Avenue). If you don't have access to a copy machine, no problem -- we can copy the forms for you.

The Experience

Once your forms are returned, you will gain access to the calendar of volunteer opportunities and will receive regular emails about upcoming events. You will then be asked to indicate which of the listed events interest you and coincide with your availability, and whether you'd like to recieve OCC credit. Thus begins your volunteer experience with the Pitt Science Outreach program!   


Direct any questions and concerns to the CTSI Outreach Coordinator at